On the farm sales

The farm store is located on the farm and is open all the time for self service. Please call and set up an appointment if you would like a full tour of the sales shed.

There you will find:

walk-in cooler full of produce

freezer full of meat

table full of syrup and honey.

Produce will be available as the season progresses. Keep in mind, we will not have tomatoes in June, but we will have spinach. We won’t have kale in December, but we will have eggs and meat. It changes all the time depending on the time of year.

Contact us if you are looking for something specific or if you want to make a bulk order of something.


Pork Sales

Pork of various cuts are for sale in the sales shed all year long. Some more popular cuts may run out fast, such as bacon or ground.

Options for bulk pork:

Amounts, cuts, and prices may vary depending on the butcher and size of pigs.

Bulk orders will be available for pick up or delivery in November. Please contact Lindsey (715)410-8101 or email to order.

Whole Hog (~$900)

Estimated about 120-125 pounds of meat

20# pork chops

20# shoulder steak

15# plain ground

15# breakfast sausage

25# ham

22# bacon

5# spare ribs

Half Hog (~$475)

half of all of above

Little Piggie Package (~$245)

About 30# of meat

7# pork chops

6# shoulder steak

3-4# ham

3# ground

3# breakfast sausage

5# bacon

2# spare ribs