Rising Sun Farm provides quality meat to the community. These animals are raised with love and spend their days outdoors in the sunshine.



Our lambs are raised on only pasture. They are rotated every 2-5 days onto fresh grass. Our lambs keep our pastures healthy by spreading desirable seed and fertilizing the fields. You can find lamb chops, leg of lamb, shoulder roast, lamb shanks, ground lamb, and more at the River Falls Farmers Market and the farm store.

Photo by Emma Warner

Photo by Emma Warner


Our chickens are our main fertilizers. They are rotated on the farm fields after we have harvested all the produce as well as the cover crops areas. Their coop is moved everyday. They are free to roam large areas where they scratch the soil and find their tasty bugs. We raise chickens for eggs and meat. You can find both at the farm store.



Our pigs are raised outside in large areas and moved as much as possible. They eat apples, compost from the food co-ops, and organic pig grain. They help us clear land to later be used for planting and they eat all our dropped apples from the orchard, helping to reduce potential insect infestation. You can find shoulder steaks, pork chops, smoked ham, shanks and hocks at the River Falls Farmers Market and the farm store. More will be available in November. For bulk pork information, see the FARM STORE page.