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Ryan Browne and

Lindsey Baris

Ryan Browne grew up on Rising Sun Farm with his sister Emma. He’s been watching and helping his dad farm this land his whole life. After graduating high school he left for college in Olympia, Washington. He met Lindsey Baris at the Evergreen State College. Ryan worked and volunteered on many farms during that time. Lindsey worked as a prairie and salmon restorationist in Washington and Northern California. They decided to move to the farm in Wisconsin in 2012 and purchased the business from Ryan’s dad, Roger in 2015. They then purchased White Pine Orchard from Kieth Kozub in 2018.


Tillia Browne

Tillia Browne is the daughter of Ryan and Lindsey. She is the main reason that we do what we do. She knows every single vegetable and can tell you the breed of the pigs. And don’t underestimate the number of apples she can eat in a day.

We have and have had many interns and volunteers help us on the farm over the years. We could not do this without the help of many hands. Thank you to all of those who have helped in the past and who are still helping Rising Sun Farm be successful.